Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What are you searching for?

If God is a God of comfort...our Prince of Peace...our source of joy...strength...fulfilment...

satisfaction, etc., then WHY when we're in need of those things do we search for comfort, peace, strength, fulfillment, joy, satisfaction???? We do not have those things because they come along with Christ! We must seek God FIRST and then all those things shall be added. HELLO Britt!...Illumination!...[Praise and glory to God]

Now I know that scripture is talking about us worrying about what we will eat or wear [in its words] BUT... I am talking about God knowing our needs, whatever they may be. Whether it is food, clothing, or comfort. Everything we need is in Christ, so draw nearer to Him. OR learn the hard way as I did and seek everything you need (and/or want) instead. Do not be surprised with what you end up with... Nada. Further, just to reiterate my point (and be redundant), if you are wanting to get in shape, do you just look up how to do it and expect results? No, that would be stupid. So why do we do that with Jesus? Our interest should be in Him, TRUSTING that His interest is in us, and in turn, knowing that He knows what we need and will take care of it.

We need Christ, and nothing else. If people would stop searching for relief from their troubles and just seek God, they would have fulfillment. Believe that.

And when I say seek God, I mean spending time with Him. Through His word is one way. This is not to find anything substantial dealing with your current situations. It is just taking time out to devote to Him. Forget about your problems. Forget about everything for just a moment out of your day and delight yourself in the Lord. Tell Him that you love Him, and just read. Just read to read and to hear and learn and be enlightened and you will be delighted... in God.

I am just now realizing all of this. I had been doing everything that I am stressing everyone not to do and was getting nowhere. I wanted fulfillment, peace, joy, comfort, separation from all my heartache and stress and got none of it... because I was looking for it. I praise God for this illumination because life for me was looking very hopeless and depressing. It is easier to come by these days what with all the tragedy in the world. I was just looking at everything thinking gosh... what a horrible place we have to live in. I wanted to numb myself from everything. I wanted to separate myself from anyone that I've ever loved [including my family] and could ever possibly love because I didn't want to ever feel what I am feeling right now again. But I can't do that.

There are some things in your life that will cause you pain and you will not be happy. BUT, joy is still possible because it isn't happiness. What I said before, if anyone noticed, was pertaining to the subject. It is to be careful not to become distracted, from your joy, with your happiness. Trust me it makes sense (if you're wondering). Happiness is determined by your circumstances. Money, cars, clothes, women or men... all of that can bring you happiness... but it is temporal. Joy is not. Joy is of the Lord. It is your strength to get through when your happenings don't bring you happiness.

So how can you become distracted from joy with happiness? It is easier than you think. People do it everyday. Their dreams, aspirations, and desires are consumed by it. People seek the natural and material because it is advertised to them. It is made to look like something to be sought after but please do not be fooled. All of the advertisements, music videos, and episodes of cribs, in their abundance, will not be able to cover up the lie for too much longer.

What I wrote about delighting yourself in the Lord before... the fulfillment you get from that is, I believe to be, far beyond anything money can bring you for a time, whether it is a brief moment, or a major part of your life. It does end, for some, worse than others. One can only hope that it ends while they are still alive and can receive the wake up call. And what is more with God is that His love is never failing- this will fill and fully satisfy... The joy that comes from the Father is ever-lasting... and will strengthen you... and hold you... and keep you eternally. That's FOREVER.

Anyways... I won't hold any body up any longer if they've gotten to the end.

Love u Fam

Be Blessed!

God is love!


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  1. Liking your blog, something different than what i have been seeing! Also saw you live in Japan! We lived there for 5years but we are knew on here and excited to flow you and get more into blogging ourselves, hope you check us out!