Monday, March 15, 2010

Keeping up with the...

Yeah so, I mean I should be working on my class if I'm actually taking time out of my tv watching, mindless web surfing, pretty much anything mind numbing, day, to think, right? Well, maybe, maybe not. OR MAYBE... I should just use my God given brain and stop suppressing all my thoughts with any distraction I can find. Then maybe I could sleep at night without my mind racing. I wonder if my mind races hours on end when I'm trying to go to sleep because I never give it a chance to during the day. Hm. Food for thought. Speaking of "food for thought" another day, another blog. I'll write on that one later .


I was thinking today while playing dress up. [yes I still play dress up...moving on] I was thinking, "you know... I really am a simple girl. I've been to places like Honduras and Spain [and not just the completely Americanized tourist areas... but the places with glimpses of their actual culture...not their complete culture, but a glimpse] and I absolutely loved it. I loved the laid back simplicity of it all. I love the weather. I love the tropics. I love the food :D. I love the beach. I just loved it. When I say simplicity... I mean life minus the distraction of everything we've adopted as our everyday living norms; tv, computer, cell phones, constant music, and the worry that comes along with obtaining all of this and the like... and more.

I really don't think we were designed to live this life that we've become so accustomed to living. That's just it... we've become accustomed, so we feel like we need to live like this, pursing all that we're made to believe we're supposed to pursue.

Really though, people still want outside of the influences but don't always realize it because they've become complacent and they numb their minds all day and don't make a moment to think to even realize it. Some people want to be tanner, or thinner, or more in shape, healthier, not live to work or work to live... people just want to chill sometimes... We want all this because I feel like we were naturally designed to live like that anyways.

Before man [mankind] sinned, everything was handed to them as a gift of life. The garden was created for them. After, God said that we would have to work in order live. I don't believe that means to have a 9 to 5 to get a paycheck to be able to get by, by buying. You know what I'm saying?... But to toil, to actually harvest and hunt and gather... work the land... actually work for the food through the process of the harvest, instead of just having the garden that was made for them. No, now they... [we] would have to make the gardens with the resources that we have.

As I was saying before... "How we're designed to live..." people stay inside all day watching tv or surfing the net or texting or playing video games or something and they don't get outside and play and exercise and get sun. Instead people are lightened by laziness, and fattened from fatigue from being used to doing nothing and then want to buy self tanners to get the sun that they don't and diet pills or machines to get the exercise that they don't, all to make up for it... All to give us what we naturally desire in a way that is unnatural to us so it is, in turn, harder and discouraging. It's going against the grain.

Am I making sense? I feel like I'm not making my point clear. It's hard to organize my thoughts sometimes.

I'd just like to say that everything we're told "is for our good, to make life more convenient and fun...," it's all counterproductive and deceit. It's a lie being fed to us. This is what they're presenting:
"Here, use this lawn mower that you can ride around on. It is more convenient, and will give you more time in your day for yourself to just sit back and relax..."
What they know and aren't saying:
"Here, BUY this lawn mower that you can ride so that you will have to exert less energy, get less exercise, and then have to turn around and buy diet pills and machines to get you looking and feeling better... get you to a state and condition you would be closer to, had you just used a regular lawn mower and walked a little bit. But if you ride the lawn mower, you will get done faster and will be able to go back inside and sit down and watch tv so that we can advertise more things to you that you don't need, so as to make you want to buy them from us, so that we can get your money! :D"

Life in America, I'm sorry to say, is built on consumerism... it's made for the dollar... not us. And that's really about it.

We're all chasing after images sold to us. And yet... even when some people actually acquire what they're told will give them fulfillment, they are still and sometimes more depressed... They do drugs and drink, and try all these different things to make them temporarily feel good because, naturally, they don't. They don't feel satisfied because all of that will not completely satisfy. It just won't. It can't ever do that because it isn't what we truly, whether we realize it or not, desire and/or need.

So... anyways. This is it so far. Like I said, I was just thinking. I live that life too so everyone knows... I'm just not satisfied with it is all. And by the way. I do LOVE fashion, and make up, and electronics, and all that, that everybody else loves. But maybe I need to cool it a little bit... you know not indulge so much and incorporate a little bit of balance. That's all

But ok, I'm out for now.
I'll add on or not later. We'll see.
Be Blessed Fam!
God is love and where it's at. By "it," I mean everything you want and need . :)

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  1. hey girl ! :)

    i think i got wutchu said..and i think its totally right what you wrote.. its really like dat..all what we do is BUY BUY BUY! and me as a fashion n make up addict buy as much as i can but i try to satisfy me with other things talke a walk through the woods and jus enjoyin nature..jus doin things without a tv or comp or cell..i think its very important and most of the ppl forgot bout life without all this hightech :)