Friday, September 17, 2010

"Out Of Order: Ignorant Fool Violates Brave Girl Wearing A Low Cut Dress Walking Through A Pack Of Men! (No Respect)"

Watch before reading.

First, let us not romance the scenario with the title given; "Out Of Order: Ignorant Fool Violates Brave Girl Wearing A Low Cut Dress Walking Through A Pack Of Men! (No Respect)"
The whole "brave girl" thing... Really?... I don't see any valor nor heroics in this story... not from the girl and definitely not from the MANY.. by-standing, "men."

Second, I want to preface this post by saying that, usually, I would think (to myself) "well, I mean, she shouldn't have been doing this or that." I typically look at both sides before just saying that men are dogs or whatever. But .... man....
I can't express the disgust, pain, anger, sickness, etc. that I felt upon seeing this crap (for lack of better words). I can't even think too much about it because it makes me so ... LIVID ... and upset.
Antywayz... Moving on from emotion.

On to my thoughts. . .

I like to keep it 100% real and truthful in my thoughts and posts so if you choose to comment please do so as well.
So, first, lets touch on the apparel. Now, I hope I don't step on toes by saying this but like I said, if I'm to be real, I can't say anything but: Dressing like that, women know what they are doing, along with what they are wanting. True? They are going for a certain look to receive a certain kind of attention.

Well, here's the problem with that... Sometimes, we get more than we bargain for. It goes back to the whole notion of playing with fire, "you play wit fire, you're liable to get burned." The only thing is, I would say that most women are only hoping to "play with fire" without the "getting burned" part. (I can say this from experience because I haven't always been the way that I am now) The burn could be, and a lot of times is, as serious as being raped and/or murdered. I have to think that these women are naive and ignorant. (As I was) What possesses a woman to A. Dress like that and B. being dressed like that, walk through such a large group of dudes?... (it certainly isn't the "bravery" spoken of... at least it doesn't seem to be but I am just an outsider looking in without any facts whatsoever and I know that things are not always as they seem).

So, for the purpose of my argument, I'm going to speak based on a hypothetical explanation for this video. The situation is this;
"There are some guys chillin outside and a girl comes walking up and through them (even though she could have walked around) because she's trying to look cute and attract a bit of attention. She's aware of her "assets" and is flaunting them. (I put "assets" in quotations because these "assets" aren't concrete. They are "assets" because she is told they are... by the media.. by men... by women... by anyone who's put the value so much on appearance as opposed to, as I said, concrete qualities, like virtue.) Anyways... so yeah, she's flaunting her "assets." She knows she "looks good" and wants the attention that might make her feel good... wanted... valued... whatever. She walks through this group of dudes, some of which, she may or may not know, and one decides that he doesn't just want to be teased. No, he wants to see what she's not completely covering up, so he pulls up her skirt. She gets embarrassed and rather ticked, to say the least, and turns around with an attitude. The guy doesn't like her attitude because it makes him look bad in front of his boys or whomever and his pride is hurt. He takes it upon himself to "redeem" himself and drag her (full force and with much strength) to the pavement......... and no one does anything".... Whatever... honestly... that's expected from the group because just look at the company they keep.... (n hey, maybe that's just my emotion and anger talking) but again, this is hypothetical.

Here's my point... Ladies... PLEASE... you have to know that you are more than what this generation has placed value on. You also must know that you are asking for it.... And hear me when I use that phrase ("asking for it")... because it's thrown around without much explanation... so here; Like I said, we dress this way to gain the attention of men.... and it's not just any kind of attention from any kind of guy. It is NOT respectable to dress that way. You are going to get a lust-driven eye. (That's very dangerous) For one, who other than your husband deserves to see what you've got... and past that... for some men, they have not put into practice trying to exercise self control... this makes it hard for them to control themselves (not that they are incapable... just they don't do it) and anyways... when your mind is in that state, you don't think straight. Do you really expect every guy... (or any guy for that matter) that you entice to not act on what they're feeling? And I mean, further, by all intensive purposes, you're sending off signals that they probably interpret as an okay to act on impulse. They don't read you as eye candy alone that can only be looked at and not touched. AND THEN.... don't even let them find out you're just trying to play with them and tease (as was my sole aim). All that will do is make someone mad, and you really don't want that. (This scenario serves as an example of that.)

So look, my intention is not to take the light off of the behavior of these men. (I say "these men" versus just the one because in my hypothetical situation where not one did anything, well... not one of them did ANYTHING) so again, my intention is not to place blame and take the attention off the behavior because I don't even think that my measly post could do that much. They've made that impossible to do by their actions. Seriously... the ignorance of these types of guys... but then... I don't know their story... just as I don't know the girl's story... but I do know my story and that's the only experience I can speak from...
I used to seek after the same attention as well. In fact, if I'm to stick to the realness that I spoke of earlier... to be completely honest, I still, to this day, battle with it. It's difficult to not want the attention... especially after so many years of finding my value from it. I recognize that I have features on me that are sought after. So the question is, if tomorrow my features or your features were no longer "in," could you or I strut with that same confidence in ourselves??? Probably not.
We have to begin to understand that our worth is not in our physique. And our validation should not come from random guys that do not even matter, nor care enough to treat you as a human being.... I was standing in the hall (when I was in high school) one day and a guy I knew just came up behind me and grabbed my....... derrière. And I did NOTHING. Now what kind of girl would you take me for if you saw that?... More importantly... what kind of girl did I take myself for? I'm literally disgusted with how I used to be. Not that I was so bad or anything... but just my lack of self worth and naivety . He was testing the waters to see if he could... and he could... ugh.

Anyways... I'm being transparent because I think it helps no one to be fake or act as if I'm "Holier than thou" because I'm a Christian now that has reformed. I don't mean to go off on side anecdotes but I think it's important enough to mention. But to wrap this up (because I know I'm good for my "novels" (sorry :S)... If you think this is disgusting and horrible... please watch what you do... what you wear... and where you go. Just be careful and honest with yourselves. If you're looking for attention.. then at least be real with yourself and don't front like your not... and know... what you're asking for and what you're likely to get. It really truly made me sick and hurt my heart to see this video... and usually I wouldn't pass something that did that to me around because I don't want others to feel what I felt by seeing it. But... I just think there is some positive to be taken from the idiot that just sat there and recorded it.... (sorry... that was out of anger too but DANGIT! UGH... IT PISSES ME OFF!)

That's all fa now.
Be Blessed Fam!
Love you ALL!

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